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Security Standards Family

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

This week has seen the release of 3 new and updated security standards:

BS 7499:2020 - Provision of static guarding security services — Code of practice

Formerly BS 7499:2013, the standard has been updated to a new format with new content

BS 7984 -3 - Keyholding and response services - Part 3: Provision of mobile security services— Code of practice

A new standard taken from the old BS 7499 and added to the BS 7984 group for keyholding, mobile response and lone worker response

BS10800 - Provision of security services — Code of practice

The "umberella" standard that sits above all the security services standards and has common criteria for all security services.

To give a visual of the security standards hierarchy, look at the visual below

More information to follow ................................

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