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The Networking Group

​Formed in 2018 the networking group was formed by an amalgamation of like minded individuals with businesses with common goals. Primarily from the security industry, the group sort of formed itself through common aims and objectives. Those common aims and objectives have helped the group bond and further develop its purpose to include collaborative approaches to customer and employee perception  surveying, monthly reporting of critical success factors and the benchmarking of results.


By partnering with trusted partners our members are able to share experiences, tackle common problems, create opportunities and develop mutual trust and co-operation. 


Our Charter



The purpose of the group is to bring together like minded organisations to share experiences, knowledge and information to benefit the members in pursuit of their own individual goals and strategic aims.


The only commitment for members is to be honest and respectful with and to other members of the group. It is a voluntary arrangement where the group make any rules, obligations or decisions and is no way a membership that implies any financial or other such commitment.


The group will meet periodically at the discretion of the group at venues to be agreed and timings to suit the members.




  • To share business experiences that may be of interest to other members of the group. Both positive and negative experiences that have benefited or affected other members of the group.


  • To share and collaborate on business opportunities where appropriate, for delivering services.


  • For updating members on changes to legislation, standards, working practices, risks, threats and opportunities.


  • For delivering training on specific topics such as terrorism, data protection, anti-slavery, health and safety and other relevant corporate social responsibilities.


  • To share information and results that will allow benchmarking of data to drive improvements and share any lessons learned


  • To share other industry information that could benefit the other members, such as supply chain issues, industry rumours, acquisitions and mergers, technological opportunities, data breaches, bad debtors, and so on.


Interested? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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