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The draw of IFSEC is too much for some of the Group. Will we actually make it next year

Well another year, another beer. This year we surpassed all others with a spectacular no show at the event. only managing to get as far as the London Yacht Hotel.

Having been treated to an earlier get together by Pete and Steve from GUK in London, we headed off on the tube with the intention of seeing what delights IFSEC had to offer. Pete had purposely positioned the event in close proximity to a tube station and not in the path of any hostileries that might tempt the thirsty group on route to IFSEC.

However, it was not to be for the majority on who checking into the hotel sought solace on deck with a pint or 2 of the best lagers Sunborn had to offer.

With IFSEC coming to a close, murmerings of "shall we pop across for the last bit" and "do you fancy it" were heard between the ordering of more beer for the now more densely populated tables we had populated. All to no avail, it was taxi time and off to Covent Garden for more socialising and fun.

What happened in Covent Garden is somewhat of a mystery, although the pictures appear to show the group having an extremely good time.

Well another year over and looking forward to the next. Thanks to you all for attending and in particular Pete and Steve for hosting the event.

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